The first free translation-tool for multilingual Kylix-/Delphi-apps

written 2003 in Kylix 3 by Jens Kühner

Source+Translation-List Project-Setup

What it is
LinLocalize is a translation tool running on Linux for easy localization of your Kylix-apps and now also Delphi-apps(!!). Linlocalize extracts all embedded Kylix/Delphi-resources (resourcestring and forms) of a Linux-ELF-file or Windows-PE-file (shared-object-file/dynamic-link-library or executable) and writes the translated textes back to a shared-resource-file or standalone executable. Translate your Kylix- and Delphi-applications within one translation-tool for Linux and use the same glossaries for automatic translation.

Key Features

How it works?
You just have to declare all strings you want to be translated as resourcestring, no other modifications are required.
Then create a project in LinLocalize and define the source-file(s), target-languages(s), target-files and target-fileformat.
Updating the source-list will extract all string-properties of the forms and resourcestrings of the source-file. Updating the translation-list for each language will apply all changes to the translation list.
After the translation-lists are translated "Generate Target-File" will create the target file for each language. By default a shared-resource-file like is created. "de" is the selected target-language-id.
If this file is in the same directory than the application, Kylix will load it automatically depending on the language-settings in the LANG-enviroment-variable. For german linux-distributions the LANG-env-var is set to de_DE, so appname.de_DE or will automatically be loaded. So you can place several languages into different shared-resource-files which are loaded automatically.
The other possibility is to create a single standalone executable which contains only one language and always run in this language independently from the language stettings.

And that´s all for free and with source. LinLocalize is published under GPL-terms. But it would be nice if you tell me which applications are translated using LinLocalize. If you want to know why LinLocalize is free, click here.

To run LinLocalize Kylix 3 have to be installed. Untar LinLocalize-X.X.tar.gz and run setupLL in a shell.


LinLocalize (Binary+Kylix-Source)



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